Living With Lightning

The first time I saw her, I felt a spark jump into my body.
I decided that day I had to get to know her, so I did. We became friends on the spot. The spark grew stronger and bolder the longer we were together.
When we laughed, the spark traveled to my lungs. It forced air out in small chuckles more frequently than when I was with anyone else.
When she walked into the room, the spark would travel to my knees. The electricity made them tremble violently and only intensified with each day.
When I asked her out, the electricity finds my hands and heart. The thriving current sent my heart into overdrive and warmed my hands to the point of sweat.
When I saw her expression change to pity, the electricity pulled away from my body.
With her said eyes on me, she said, “Yes, if you mean as friends… sorry.”
Lightning raged to my head and seemed to take shelter there, playing with it.
I said it was alright and walked away not being able to focus on anything but the raging current.
After, the bolt didn’t stop growing. Every time she comes near, it becomes stronger. The lightning shared its time between my head and my heart. Growing too big and too harmful, it rips me apart.
I hope and wait for an outlet for the energy that has nowhere to go. A lightning rod. Someone to come along and take the lightning from me.

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