Plagiarism Online

Everyone knows what plagiarism is. It’s defined as using someone else’s work as your own. You can’t get more specific than that.

It seems that today more and more things are being posted by individuals claiming to have made the content. Some don’t even claim it to be theirs but fail to make it apparent that it is not. In the academic standpoint someone can even plagiarize their own work.

There can be some confusion with this. What is plagiarism and what is your interpretation of things?

In 2014 my screenwriting professor showed us a short film of a man who was caught in traffic. He called home and his daughter answered. The daughter said that the mom was upstairs cheating on the man. The man had the daughter tell the mom through the door that he was home. This lead to the death of both the mother and the man she was sleeping with. In the end, the man caught in traffic realized this was not his house and he was not talking to his daughter.

I was on Facebook today and found a link for the story. Unfortunatly it was not of the original video. It was just a written version of the story posted in 2015, much later than when the video was produced. This was on the website “Shareably.” There is a byline and everything. Here is a link to the article.

So this is plagiarized. Taken from one source and put to another.

The only thing that is confusing about it is the fact that there is a very tiny source link on the bottom that will take you to a subreddit where the post was originally plagiarized.


Screenshot from r/Jokes

So the author, Jenny Brown, has not only plagiarized the original video, but she has taken it from someone who plagiarized in the first place.

Her article has 2.9 thousand shares. Even if Jenny did not claim it as hers, it comes across that way.

Even if you don’t include everything from the original post, it is still plagiarism. If you rearrange the words, it is still plagiarism. If you question if what you’re doing breaks copyright, it might be plagiarism.

We have an opportunity to write new content and share it with the world. We have a duty to the original author/director/publisher or anyone else who creates content, to not take their work and give them recognition where it is due.

In summation, write for yourself. Share something someone else posted if you want. But make it clear what is your work and what is not.

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