After hours wandering the vast cavern system, I reach the Loch of Souls. The water is a deep black and gets blacker as it goes on to a horizon that seems as endless as eternity. Gems, imbedded in the rock, makes the cavernous room look like a brightly lit sky of stars.

I wade into the water and sit in the calm shallows. I close my eyes and feel the current around me. My path is unknown but gets clearer by the second. The water tells me everything I need to know. My destination lies under the black. My connection with it pulls me in. There is now a soft golden glow far under the surface.

The glow grows brighter the longer I look. I jump up from sitting in the water, hold my breath, and dive head first in.

Down I go into the depths, stroke by stroke. Down and down not being able to breath.

The pressure is deep in my chest.

My lungs scream at me.

I’m so close but my vision is failing. I reach out to touch it. The world shifts around me.

“Son of a bitch, I yell at the top of my lungs.

I hold my face and realize I am bleeding from my nose. I lie there on my bed, feeling embarrassed.

I dropped my book on my face. Again.

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