Reviews for the profound best seller “LIFE”

“This book is very worth the read. I find the end very satisfying as I’m finishing it up. I found a lovely girl who was on the same page so we decided to read it together. Eventually our kids started reading with us. They in turn got their kids to read it. Yes, there were parts of the book that weren’t all that pleasant but it always got better. Shelly stopped reading at page eighty-two, but I’m still at it. I am so glad I got to experience this book and share it with the people in my life.”
“I’m almost done with this book. It seems that mine only had forty-two pages, but its ok. I’m on the forty-first page and I’ll tell you, it’s been hard to read since page thirty-five. I wanted to give up when it got tough. The book just seemed cruel at that point. Why did I have less than the others who read the book? What was the point of still reading? But it’s alright. No matter how the book ends, it will be perfect. This book is worth the hassle to get to the sequel.”
“I’m on page six. The book is good. I like it a lot. It’s a good book. I think it will be about super heroes and fire fighters and stuff like that. My mom gave me the book and it’s good. She makes it fun to read. It’s really long too. It’s going to be like a thousand pages. Mommy and the people at church tells me that there’s a better book after this one. My grandma stopped reading but I don’t think I ever will.”
“This can’t be it. There has to be something more. Everyone reading thought there was going to be a sequel. I only have a page or two left and this just can’t be it. I don’t know if there is going to be another book or not? But there just has to be. This can’t be it, right?”
“I’m half way through this book and I’m not sure where it’s going. I mean, it’s gotten so much better than how it started. In the beginning, it was so dark and made me feel so bad about myself. Eventually, it got better about a quarter of the way through. The middle of the book has very peaceful. It gets repetitive and dull at times but that’s fine. I am optimistic for where it is going… I’m just not sure where it can go.”
“This book was terrible! I hated everything about it. Sure, the beginning was alright. A pretty easy read, but by page fifteen, everything went to shit. It got harder and harder to read. It just wasn’t worth putting myself through it and it got really messed up in the middle. Finally, on page twenty I decided to stop reading put a bullet straight through the spine.”


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