Survival of the Desperate

“They won’t survive this.” Mounted on my battle horse, I look over the landscape. What was once a prosperous province, has turned into a breeding ground for insurgency. The Elves were the dreamers of the kingdom. Living on the eastern coast, their cities were gilded with silver and green. Now they have become rebellious. For... Continue Reading →


After hours wandering the vast cavern system, I reach the Loch of Souls. The water is a deep black and gets blacker as it goes on to a horizon that seems as endless as eternity. Gems, imbedded in the rock, makes the cavernous room look like a brightly lit sky of stars. I wade into... Continue Reading →

Toll by Toll

Midnight tolls on my soul The darkness all around The black of the night layers my skin, like ink in a well Wrapping me in the words that have not yet been written It is up to me to write the story of darkness To fathom the black To make sense of it all The... Continue Reading →

Bella Mente

So she sits. Worried. Worried about the future, about life. She has earned everything she has. She has dreams that only great names have accomplished. She is on her way to being one of them. But she wonders if she’s done enough, thinking more would be better. Always wanting more while not always knowing it.... Continue Reading →

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